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Do you include Digital Files in your Session Fee?
- No we do not. The reason is because we prefer Clients to see the photos before purchasing them. The session fee covers the time of the Photographer at the session. Once you see the images in your proof gallery you can then purchase them. 

Are the photos professionally retouched?
- When you first receive your proof gallery the photos will only be basic edited. Which means lighting, colour and tone will be fixed. Once your pick your favourites and order we will go back in and finish editing the images. This way we can get your proofs to you very quickly as it would take us a long time to edit every single image fully. 

I would like to order prints, albums... do you deliver our orders?
- We do not deliver orders. We set up pick up times at 622 Deer Run Drive Waterloo, or a near by Tim Hortons. If you would like them delivered to your home a minimum of a $25 mailing fee will be applied. The mailing fee maybe more depending on weight and packaging. 

Where should I print my photos?
- Excellent question! As its a hard one! We prefer you order prints through us as thats the only way we can guarantee the perfectly quality for you. But we realize that you may want to do it on your own and that's no problem. We recommend taking on digital file and printing at 3 different stores. Make sure to select "no correction" and "matte."  On each print from each store write the name of the store on the back of it. Once you have gone to 3 stores but them all side by side pick which one you like the best and then print all your photos there. I can tell you that they will all look different and that's because box stores like Zehrs, Walmart, Shoppers do not calibrate their printers like professional printing companies. Professional printing companies do not sell to the public they only sell to professional photographers and graphic designers and its why we strongly recommend printing through us. 

Where are you you located? 
- I am based out of Atwood, Ontario. I travel everywhere though! 

Can I get a refund?
- We do not offer refunds on sessions, products, gift cards... We are a small business and committed to working with you and book time off to work with you. 

I only want a few images do you offer MINI SESSIONS?
- Yes we do, but its usually only two days in the Fall. We will sometimes do some throughout the year but its when we are slow. The best way to hear about them is to follow us on our Facebook Fan Page.

Do you charge a travel fee?
- There is no travel fee for Listowel/ Kitchener/ Waterloo area. We do ask for travel fee if its more the 60 minutes away from where we are located. If we can book more then 3 sessions in that city then we waive the travel fee. We do not travel for 30 minutes sessions, you would have to book a one hour session. 

How would you describe your style?
- Our photos are either very fun and candid or very intimate and soft. We have two styles you can pick from. I am indecisive on my editing. I LOVE fun, bright and rich colours, however sometimes I feel  photos can have more of a moody romantic feel. It really depends on the clients and the lighting the day of the session. But its ultimately our clients decisions. 

Do you use flash?
- Very rare do I use flash for family or engagement sessions. I only use flash in indoor settings. 

How do I book?
- That's WONDERFUL!  To book you can send us an email through our websites  Contact Page. Fill out the questions and let us know some dates you would be free.
Once we receive your email we will send you a booking email with our Pricing, Quote, Invoice and Contract. 
Once thats all filled out and the invoice is paid your all booked!

What methods of payment do you accept?
- For booking your session we only accept Email Transfer or cash. If you would like to pay cash we would set up a meeting for you to pay. 
When ordering prints, digital file, albums and other products we accept Credit Card, or Email Transfer. We have this amazing online gallery that you can order all your product from the comfort of your own home! It's all done online! It's super easy with steps showing you how to order!

 How long will it take to see my photos?
- Your proof gallery is posted within 2 weeks after your session, and your finished image files are delivered 2 weeks after that (so the total turnaround time is 4 weeks).

How long do I have to order my photos?
- You will have a 2 weeks to order your images through your online gallery. If order is not placed a $45 fee will be applied and your gallery will be extended for 1 more week. 

What if I decide I want to order more images months later?
- A $45 reposting fee will be applied to post your gallery for another week. Please know we are only liable to hold onto your images for 30 days after delivery.

What if I forget to download my images?
- We give an expiry date on your gallery to remind you when it will be expiring, it is up to you to remember to download them. If you forget then a $45 fee will be applied to repost them and they will be available for 1 week.

Where does the session take place?
- That is totally up to you! We have some amazing spots that we like to photograph at, but were also down to trying new spots to that you love!!!!
 If we are really busy we will let you know if we can only do certain locations in order to book everyone that day. 

 HELP! I am not photogenic at all?
- Who is? Believe it or not most people aren't. We're all awkward! That's why you have me to tell you when your looking kinda weird! We love coaching our Clients through having their photos taken, and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to make you look fabulous! I will also show you the back of my camera as well so you can see the difference.  When you’re having a great time, you’ll look more beautiful than you thought was possible. I promise!

What should we wear?
- This is our favourite part. Send us a message of what you are thinking and we will work with you to plan your outfits. We also have a small clients closet that you can borrow from!

What happens if it rains?
- In the Canadian summer months it ALWAYS calls for rain. We are Canadian and our humidity is always high in summer because theres so much moisture in the air. Sessions are only rescheduled at the discretion of the Photographer. The decision is made the day of your session as the weather forecast changes so often. So try not to stress about it. 
If your coming from far away we make the decision first thing in the morning, as we wouldn't want you  to come all the way to get rained out.
If the session is cancelled we move it to the next available date for the Client and the Photographer. 

When are sessions cancelled?
- FIRSTLY! if your scared of overcast DON'T be!!! It's the best! Trust me!  
Sessions are cancelled if the heat is 35 degrees with humidity or -10 degrees in winter months.  Your safety is our biggest concern. If roads are bad, to cold, or to hot sessions will be cancelled. Not only is your safety important to us but so is ours. If the Photographer is uncomfortable working in bad conditions the session will be cancelled. 

Can I cancel my session?
- If your session is between November- May you may cancel ONCE for whatever reason! If you cancel and want to reschedule for a second time you will lose your session fee. 
We do not allow cancellations for the months of June- October as these months are very busy for us. We simply don't have enough days to reschedule as we book these dates months in advance. 
PLEASE NOTE: Mini Sessions and Special Promotions are NOT eligible for rescheduling.

My family is procrastinators and we're always late!
- We recommend that your 15 minutes early for your session in case you are running behind or can't find the photo spot. If you are more then 15 minutes late for a 30 minute session then you lose your session. 
If your session is a 1 hour session and your late you lose that time in your session. If your late and you haven't contacted us to tell us by phone or email and 15 minute passes then you will lose your session. Our time is precious to us as is yours and its not fair for us to wait on you. We sometimes have other sessions back to back and if your late then everyone that day will be affected. So plan accordingly. If you have to fib to your family and say its 30 minutes earlier its better to be early then late!

What if my kids don't cooperate?
-I love getting to know my Clients’ kids, even the ones who are shy/stubborn/you name it! I always approach the session as a new friend who’s just there to play and have a good time. We recommend prepping your children that we are going to go meet "Bri" and were going to play games as a family and have some silly photos taken. Our sessions aren't posed. They're fun and candid, we play games to get the photos. Flying lessons, galloping horses, running/jumping, piggybacks, upside downsies.... In the 10 years we have been in business only a handful of families did offer a reshoot and it was because their child wasn't feeling well.
Remember to book your session at a good time for the kids. Make sure its not to close to their naps, they're fed, rested, and feeling well. 
We keep our sessions happy and up beat, if they're not listening or don't want to do something we do not push them or they won't be happy for photos. If they don't like something, no problem lets try something else. LETS KEEP IT FUN!

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